New Address

Just a quick post to say we now can pick up mail at our site! Note though:  only Emily’s name is on the account (along with two other PCVs as we’re sharing a box to save a few córdobas.)  We can still pick up mail at the regional office in Managua, so if you sent anything to the old address it’s A-O.K.  Our new address is as follows:

Emily Nilsen
Apartado 71
Esteli, Nicaragua
Central America

While we have a list of package ideas and a disclaimer from Peace Corps about packages on our PC Info page, we really don’t need things. If you have any extra Christmas cards laying around, or have time to send a little note, those little things are what mean the most to us.

We’d hoped to figure out how to make/print/send Christmas Cards from here, but that just wasn’t in the cards for us this year.  Be on the look out for a digital version in the coming weeks and see how well we can work the international mailing system by this time next year.


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