Nuestra Casita

As much as we love traveling, I’m also a huge fan of nesting.  I enjoy having a place to call my own from which I can then explore the wonders of wherever we live.  During training we stayed in the houses of our host families, and now here in Estelí we have a little casita to ourselves in the backyard of a yet another wonderful host family. 

It may be small, but it has everything we need, and a little more.

Here’s to making this house a home.


5 thoughts on “Nuestra Casita”

  1. Emily, I was taken back by your comment. Have everything need, and a little more. Looking at the pictures, that is quite a statement, not one everyone could say
    in same situation. So very proud of you two. Also like the ten things you are thankful for. Things most just take for granted and forget to be thankful for them. I’m thankful God is in control of all, prayers not always answered in the way we would like,we just aren’t seeing the total plan of God. So nice to talk to both of you last evening. You were greatly missed, and everyone certainly enjoyed talking with you. So enjoy reading your blogs. Take care, and love to both.
    Grandma Louise

    1. I’ve had good people in my life teach me the importance of giving thanks – like you! The ten things list came from a place of sincere gratitude for the big and small things in our lives – being here in Nicaragua really makes some of them stand out for us. So good to talk to you all as well. It helped us feel a little closer to home. Love and light to you, too.

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