Somos Voluntarios de Cuerpo de Paz

It’s official!  We’ve made it through our twelve-week Pre-Service Training program and are officially Peace Corps Volunteers!!  Like we mentioned in our last post, Friday was the day of our Swearing In Ceremony.  It was a wonderful, inspiring, and, at times, touching event as Peace Corps staff, a representative from the Nicaraguan government, U.S. Ambassador Phyllis Powers, and host families shared advice, encouragement, and affirmations with us.

Each of the groups in our cohort (TEFL and Environmental Education) selected one representative to speak at the host family ceremony and one to speak at the Swearing In Ceremony.  I was selected to speak at the Swearing In Ceremony, so I prepared a 6 minute speech in Spanish thanking all of the people that supported us during PST.  I started it off by imitating a few of the sounds that we hear throughout the day in Nicaragua, and made sure to fit in as many Nicaraguan dichos (sayings) in my conclusion.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, here is the speech, with English subtitles!


Instead of rambling on about the ceremony, we thought the video and our pictures mostly speak for themselves.

However, we do want to give a GRACIAS GIGANTE to Miguel Lindhout, our Director of Programming and Training (or 2nd Banana as he calls it), for hosting the best Swearing In after party in the history of Peace Corps.  He opened his house to over 60 people and served us course after course of delicious, homemade Mexican food.  Then we burned it off while dancing like maniacs all over his living room.  I mentioned to some fellow PCVs during the party “Why doesn’t everyone do Peace Corps?”  Their reply to me was, “I don’t think every country has a Miguel.”


Somos Voluntarios de Cuerpo de Paz en Nicaragua.  #seeyouin2

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9 thoughts on “Somos Voluntarios de Cuerpo de Paz

  1. Ryan, Erik and I just watched your speech together and we’re all so proud there are tears in our eyes! Thanks for sharing your speech and the lovely photos of all your teachers, family and friends.

    1. Awe, thank you so much for watching it and sharing your love and support. It means so much to me 🙂 You ended up being able to watch it with the subtitles, correct?

  2. Also, for those who don’t know. When you’re on youtube to watch the video, you might need to push the button, “cc”, to get the subtitles. Ryan had to teach me this!

    1. Thank you so much for checking in and leaving a comment! It is awesome that this technology lets us stay in touch. I appreciate you reaching out and letting us know you´re thinking of us. It means a lot. How are things going at Impact?

  3. I apologize for such a late response, I am just learning how to navigate your site and just ran across this. Things are busy as usual but not as exciting as your adventure. Lots of changes here but again not nearly as many changes as the two of your have had in the last few months. My thoughts are with you and I am so glad there are ppl in this world that do the work you have chosen to take on. Wishing you both a happy holiday season.

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