We Do Solemnly Swear…

…to be awesome Peace Corps Volunteers! OK. So that’s probably not exactly what our oath will be today as we swear in to officially become Peace Corps Volunteers. We’ve been in Managua since we left our training towns attending our last few charlas (presentations/classes) to prepare for service. Today though, we set aside all the homework, sessions, stress, and tasks of training to celebrate its completion. In the US Embassy with our now dear friends in TEFL and ENV 64 groups, our host families, and the rest of the PC support staff we give our oath to serve our country and our post for the next two years.

As our last post mentioned, we’re beyond thankful for the support we’ve received from our host families and training towns. Today though, we also want to say our thanks to the Peace Corps Staff who have supported us even before we arrived in country on August 13th.

Finally, where in the world would we be without all of you – family, friends, and loved ones back home? Not in Nicaragua, that’s for sure.Today we feel extra appreciation for all of your love and support for the years that have prepared us for this day and for the next two years of service. Thanks for the letters/packages, the comments here on our blog, and for the love/prayers/good vibes being sent our way from all around the world.

We’ll post some pictures and more details about the ceremony tomorrow. Until then, feel free to creep on the official Peace Corps Facebook page to see when our lovely faces show up.

Wherever you are reading this, we want to say thank you for who you are in our lives and how it helped us get here.


9 thoughts on “We Do Solemnly Swear…”

  1. Neophytes no more! The Nilsen’s are now nascent nurturers of Nicaraguan neurcognitive networks of bilingual lexicon. NICE!

    1. Whoa, Erik. I can tell you’re proud, pulling out the alliterations! I am very excited and proud today, too. What awesome children we have. Enjoy your special day, Andrew and Emily. Love, Mamma

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