Goodbye Training Towns

Today is our last day in our training towns.  We leave from Masatepe at 5am tomorrow morning to head to Managua for one day of classes at the PC office, one day at the US Embassy, and then our Swearing In Ceremony on Friday.  We are so excited for the next chapter of our Peace Corps service, but saying goodbye to the host families that have supported us during these first three months is sad.  We are so thankful for their patience, generosity, delicious cooking, Nica slang lessons, and for accepting us in as their family.

Yesterday, my host mother, who I refer to as “Mamá Juana,” said to me that she was sad because her “white son” was leaving.  My aunt told me that I needed to try and convince Peace Corps to make an emergency site change so that Emily and I can stay here.  They’ve all invited me to come back for two birthdays in November, coffee harvest at the family finca in December, Christmas and New Years.  I’ve told them that with our responsibilities in sight we can’t take time off often, especially in the first three months, but their invitations and insistence are incredibly heartwarming.

In the down time that is the first few months in site Emily and I are looking forward to reflecting over our time in our training towns.  I’m sure we’ll think about the lessons we’ve learned from our host families and training towns, and the thankfulness that we feel today will be magnified as we realize all the ways they’ve help prepare us for the journey ahead.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Training Towns”

  1. This is a big day for you guys, and I’m thinking of you. Leaving the nest, swearing in, settling into your new home – no small deal. I remember it vividly, and was surprised that I actually felt differently after swearing in… Kind of like ordination or the like. Anyway, best of luck in the new digs. Peace and Blessings!

    1. Thank you Christian! It is so cool to be able to share with you the PC and CoC connection. Swearing in was awesome, and we are definitely in the first stages of settling in. It feels a little awkward and uncomfortable, but we’ve made a list of goals for our first week that we’re doing pretty well on so far! We’re doing the best we can to claim this space, getting to know the area, and being gentle with ourselves in the process. Any tips or insights that were helpful to you during the integration process?

  2. Truly an exciting time for you with your swearing in ceremony and then beginning your time in Esteli. I truly admire what you kids are doing for others and for yourselves. I am living vicariously through your adventure. God Bless you and watch over you begin the next chapter. Love to both of you. Chris

    1. Thank you Chris! It is so awesome to check in and see your supportive, uplifting comments. You’re definitely going through a new adventure yourself, with moving out of the classroom full-time. How is that journey of semi-retirement going for you?

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