And our home for the next two years is…


Finding out where Esteli is on the map!
Finding out where Esteli is on the map to pin our name on our site!

After much anticipation and waiting, this morning our group of 19 TEFL Peace Corps Trainees finally learned about our placement sites. Our site is a large city in the department of Estelí, which is located in the northern highlands of the country. Known as the “Diamond of the Segovias” there are many beautiful, natural sites that we hope to explore. We’ll be treated to a very temperate climate (average lows of 60, and average highs of 75 throughout most of the year…good thing Emily brought those sweaters), and apparently the food options are plentiful and varied. Barriga llena, corazón contento.

We look forward to getting our first personal experience of our site next week.  On Monday morning we will travel to Managua to spend all day becoming acquainted with the English teacher counterparts we will be working with over the next two years.  On Tuesday morning we will travel with them to our site and spend the week getting to know our host family, the schools we’ll work with, and the Ministry of Education officials that we will be collaborating with. We’ll even co-teach one English lesson during the week, to get our feet wet in our new schools!  There was a Peace Corps couple here before that had a wildly successful service.  They built strong relationships, worked very closely with the MINED, and we’ve heard it rumored they are one of the best couples PC Nicaragua has every seen. (Yessica and Carlos, if you read this we’ve got some fantastic compliments to share with you both, from PC staff. They miss you both already!) In other words, we’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill! We’re excited though, as their work gives us an incredible foundation to build upon and gives us hope that we will be able to integrate well in a large site.

We are so incredibly excited to finally know the location of our new home. We’ll keep ya’ll posted as we learn more about Estelí, but until then a quick Google search should teach you just about as much as we know 🙂


9 thoughts on “And our home for the next two years is…”

  1. BUENO! So glad to hear about your placement and for you to commence with your service after a long period of training!


  2. I’m excited for your new journey. Paige found it so fulfilling to immerse herself into a new village and I’m sure you will too! Blessings to you both.

    1. Awe, thanks Dianne! It will be interesting immersing ourselves into our “village”, as there are over 100,000 people. We’re excited!

  3. Very excited or you two. Esteli is in for a real treat once they meet you. Sending you hugs and bushels of love!

    1. Thank you! We’re sitting in a cafe on the first evening of our site visit at the moment, and are super excited to get started after swearing in!

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