Of Anniversaries and Prunes

Most dream of that
heart-stopping love.
Of that
can’t think,
can’t breath,
can’t exist without you love.
Of roses and chocolates,
of passion,
of a consuming inferno
that can only be
tempered by the
of the one.

My love once brought me prunes
for our 5-year anniversary.

I wouldn’t have wanted anything else.

When you’re sick or sad,
a love who takes care of you
is better

P.S. – I’m not sick anymore so friends and family, don’t worry.
P.S.S. – And it might have been raisins, as Andrew mentioned in his last post…but hey…I get a little poetic license, right?


4 thoughts on “Of Anniversaries and Prunes”

  1. Love this. Pappa guffawed when I read it to him. Raisins, prunes-whatever works. Glad you are feeling better. I like sharing an anniversary with you. It was 34 years since our first date! Happy Anniversary!

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