Chai and Connecting

When your brain is working hard it’s important to remember to be kind to yourself. Taking deep breaths, listening to music, repeating a mantra, and connecting with loved ones are some of the ways we’ve tried to take care of ourselves this first week at our training sites. Adjustment takes time and we’re still just beginning this adventure.

Andrés and I are enjoying spending the weekend together after training separately during the week. We’re trying to talk together in English as little as possible. We’re trying for about an hour of English a day using a timer on our watch…yikes!! Mostly, we’re just spending time being with and supporting one another through these first encounters with another culture.

This afternoon we ventured to the training town Andrés is staying in for a quick reprieve with wifi and a chai-tea, to try to buy phones to use during our service here, and to briefly meet his host family. At the café, we got to call home for the first time and it was so good to connect with a few of our US family members. After our errands it’s back to my host family tonight and tomorrow for more food, the baptism of my host sobrino (nephew), and a local festival of “artisanal and gastronomic splendor.”

Life is good here in Nica at end of PST week 1. We still have so much to learn and so far to go, but that’s part of the fun.

Foto del día 23-08-2014 a la(s) 12:19


2 thoughts on “Chai and Connecting”

  1. Self-compassion is so important! I’m thinking back on the readings you shared with Andrew and I on our road trip to Colorado and how applicable those are to our lives. Such a cute little cup Andrew (espresso?)

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