Time to fly

I wonder if I’m ready
to set out on this grand adventure
to do away with old ways of living
and find myself.
The Earth speaks to me from these old familiar places
invites me into breathing and good conversation.
Can I really uproot myself?
From cups of tea and coffee,
fireflies, martins, comfort?
Can I actually ever
be ready?

I wonder which parts of myself
I will have to hide
which ones I will intentionally choose to continue
living into.
What parts of me will I be able to share?
What parts will I learn to let go of?
Who will I become?

When a bird first leaves the nest
there is no guarantee it will not fall
Yet somehow they still know
when it’s time to fly.

We leave Southern Illinois today to fly to DC for a one day Peace Corps orientation all day tomorrow.  Then, on the 13th of August, we leave the country for 27 months.  Thank you for sharing our stories of preparation with us.  We are unsure of how often we will get to post from here on out, but look forward to connecting with all of you when we can.


8 thoughts on “Time to fly”

  1. When moving on just ponder this,
    Do you leave behind mother of pearl chamber or chrysalis,
    Bearing your past with you in patterned logarithmic shell,
    or ephemeral casing, turning to dust, just as well.
    The future beckons, another season turns,
    blessed to be a blessing, to this purpose your soul yearns.

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  3. You’re already at orientation when I’m writing this, so from one flatlander to two others: good luck! Have fun! Don’t worry when you’re not having fun (because PST really does suck sometimes), and know that nothing will be what you expected and that’s okay. Looking forward to hearing more about another Illinoisian-cum-PCV adventure 😀

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