TEFL Defined

When people ask us what our job will be in Peace Corps, we excitedly tell them that we will be TEFL teacher trainers in Nicaragua, while receiving our TEFL certification. The common response we get is:


Not gonna lie, I was in the same boat before we started this Peace Corps journey! Therefore, I thought I’d share a helpful definition of TEFL I read while skimming through our “Pre-departure TEFL Grammar and Methodology Manual” tonight.

TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFL classes are offered in countries where English is not the dominant language. English does not surround the students in school, at work, or “on the streets”. Students in TEFL classes in public schools usually share a language and an academic course of study. Their skills may differ, but there is a certain degree of predictability. TEFL teachers and textbooks provide the input. In many countries, host TEFL English teachers are skilled at teaching the language as a subject, and some teachers may still rely on rote learning. Countries invite Peace Corps teachers to create opportunities for students to use language for authentic communication.

We are especially excited about our opportunity to receive a Peace Corps TEFL certificate, which will be externally validated through the Center for Applied Linguistics.  Watch this short video to see an overview of what our TEFL training will entail, and wish us luck!!!



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