Menucha offers guests “the gift of contentment” — the comfort of needs well met and the freedom to engage in purposeful work. Purposeful work is work for which people have a passionate intention, but which daily demands may keep us from. Menucha is a chance to return to what matters. –

Life doesn’t seem to be getting the hint that I’d like it to slow down.  I’ve always lived a busy life, but lately the tempo has picked up another notch.  Between school wrapping up, trying to pass on my co-pastorship roles, Peace Corps medical and legal clearance, learning Español, and really just everything Peace Corps prep related, I’m barely able to keep up.

With all the doings, one thing that can easily fall to the wayside is my relationship with my husband.  It’s easy to slip into to the pattern of simply occupying the same space.  But connection, real connection that fills your soul, that takes work.  And work takes time, time that we don’t have much of.

We may be still “newly” married (coming up on our 3 year mark in about a month), but our relationship isn’t perfect.  Like all couples, to truly thrive we have to take time for ourselves and for each other.  Talking things out and getting on the same page is incredibly important.  Sadly, even at our young age, we already have friends who have not been able to do this, and as a result their relationships have fallen apart.  Marriage itself does not keep two people together.

So last weekend we took some time.  We took an evening out of our busy schedules and went to the Menucha Retreat Center just outside of Portland, OR.  We drank tea and we talked.  Connected.  Shared.  In setting aside time for just the two of us, we were able to take our conversations further than the, “How was your day, dear?” dinner conversations.  Creating a safe space in which to share deeply has helped our relationship multiple times in our few short years, and we endeavor to continue to do so in the future.

Our marriage continues because we choose to be intentional and take time to return to what matters.



4 thoughts on “Menucha”

  1. As your Oregon Mamma, I heartily approve of this post. Many of us would be well served to be more intentional with our relationships. Thanks for the inspiration, and keep working at your marriage, it is so worth it.

  2. I am a little late at reading this post, I somehow missed it. I just wanted to say that with everything going on this makes me smile. I love your relationship and feel so lucky to get to be a witness of it. I love you two. Never quit working for each other.

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