From May Day to May We

May Day was a fun, random holiday growing up.  Mamma would put together little baskets full of candies for us, and place them on our doorstep.  I remember being a bit baffled by the concept, but enjoying the candy and fun opportunity to celebrate. After researching more about this holiday as an adult, I was astounded to learn of the various meanings that have been associated with May Day in different countries throughout the ages.  From relgious/spiritual celebrations like Walpurgis Night in Germany & pagan fertility festivals, to the more political significance represented by International Workers Day & Occupy Wall Street, May 1st has taken on many meanings to many people.

Emily and I would like to humbly submit another tradition to this widely celebrated day.  We would like to take the beginning of May to reflect on our lives over the past year, and set our intentions for the following year.  Just as May Day has been a celebration of spring and new life growing, we want to plant the seeds of our intentions with the hope that they grow over the next year.  With that in mind, here are our intentions:

May we strive to be present in the midst of transitions.

May we set healthy expectations for ourselves.

May we not get bored of rice and beans for every single meal.

May our hearts remain open and our minds curious, even in the midst of confusion and struggle.

May we be receptive to new knowledge and understandings of how life can be lived.

Check back in 365 days to see how we feel we did!


9 thoughts on “From May Day to May We”

  1. I like your new “May” day idea! #3 may be tricky! It’s funny, I don’t remember the candy baskets on May Day. I do remember several years you made up baskets of flowers, with help, and hung them on the neighbors doors and then rang the door bell and ran away. You loved that!

  2. Oops, that was Mamma Carla commenting earlier. I guess you were signed in on my computer, Emily. Ha Ha. Happy May Day, what a beautiful day it was, for the start of my favorite month!

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